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Squatter ordered to move from driveway of rental real estate

From laws concerning property to those governing employment and business matters, landlords often have a variety of legal concerns and questions. This is especially true when something goes wrong with a tenant living in rented home or apartment. An Alberta landlord recently won a court battle involving a real estate dispute with a squatter who was living in a shack on his driveway after a break-up with a former tenant.

New real estate law seeks to protect condominium buyers

Purchasing a home can be challenging for anyone, but condominiums come with a unique set of considerations and concerns. Many Alberta residents who consider purchasing a condo are caught off guard by issues such as occupancy dates, rising condo fees and deposits. Real estate regulators in Alberta are seeking to clarify these issues with new rules designed to protect people buying new and converted condominiums.

Part Two: Legal Tips For Buying Real Estate In The United States

There are many misconceptions about how the IRS taxes foreign-owned property when is is transferred as part of an estate. Alberta residents who own or are considering purchasing real estate south of the border should educate themselves about how the laws apply to them. Taxation and will preparation are two of the most common challenges people face in when estate planning with real estate in the United States.

Part one: Legal tips for buying real estate in the United States

Many Canadians purchase vacation homes in the United States. Alberta individuals who own or are considering buying real estate south of the border should know what tax and estate planning implications are involved with such a purchase. This two-part series will describe what Canadians should know about owning property in the United States.

Lawmakers now limited in use of taxpayer-subsidized real estate

Those holding political office sometimes receive subsidized housing as part of their compensation package. Controversy recently emerged when a Member of the Legislative Assembly in Alberta rented out his taxpayer-subsidized apartment on Airbnb. Alberta lawmakers have approved a motion that would limit how lawmakers can use subsidized real estate in the future.

Alberta town using real estate laws to crack down on AirBnb hosts

There is no question that the internet has changed the face of many industries. Among others, the new online service AirBnb has been at the centre of many conversations about the future of hospitality and real estate. In Canmore, Alberta, illegal vacation rentals are being targeted by the municipality under their Land Use Bylaw.

Foreign buyers may soon be looking closely at Calgary real estate

They say that one man's trash is another man's treasure. Certainly, it is often shown to be true that what's unwanted by one is coveted by another, and real estate is no exception. While foreign buyers are taking some of the blame for the inflated markets in other cities, some industry insiders believe they are exactly what Calgary needs right now.

Real estate developer makes something new out of something old

Reduce, reuse, recycle is the mantra for environmental responsibility in homes across Alberta. Most people conscientiously separate their recyclables from their garbage, turn the lights off when they're not needed and maybe even get crafty with an old skid. A property developer is taking it to a new level, however, on a construction project in Edmonton, where an innovative spin is being put on a new piece of residential real estate.

Exercise caution when considering new-build real estate

As population densities increase in cities across the country, more potential buyers are looking at the many condominiums available for purchase. Condos offer many advantages over traditional real estate, including minimal maintenance, and downtown buildings provide desirable access to urban amenities and places of employment. For many Alberta buyers, the question is whether to buy into a new or pending project, or go for a used unit.

Considerations When Buying A Home In Alberta

Buying a house can seem like a scary endeavour. After all, individuals are investing a lot of time in searching for their dream home. They are also investing a lot of money when buying a new home. Our post this week looks at a number of matters that need to be taken into consideration before purchasing a home.

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