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Alberta to institute changes to economic immigration program

Policies regarding immigration are influenced a great deal by the labour needs and economic status of a province. In Alberta, the economic immigration program called the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) is being simplified to allow for increased efficiency to better serve Alberta's growing economy. The goal of this simplification is to allow employers and workers an easier path through the provincial system in response to increasing labour market needs.

Edmonton considers new "sanctuary city" immigration policy

The issue of undocumented immigrants is controversial across Canada. In Alberta, immigration without proper permits can lead to a challenge accessing city services. City councillors in Edmonton have decided to take a closer look at the issue, discussing how the city should best serve its current residents as well as those seeking sanctuary.

Child care, social media affect immigration and Syrian refugees

The topic of Syrian refugees was one of the top news stories of 2015. Their arrival in Alberta and across Canada sparked conversations on immigration in Canada, particularly for those seeking asylum. Following up on refugees' progress in cities is important for Canadians who wish to better understand the impact of these policies.

Fatal personal injury kills biker when car fails to yield

Motorcyclists in Alberta will always be vulnerable on the busy city roads. When motorcycle riders are involved in crashes with automobiles, chances of survival are slim, and those who survive typically suffer serious personal injury. Even those who wear protective clothing and helmets do not have the protection of safety belts, air bags or the bodies of vehicles to protect them.

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