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Family law issues about the matrimonial home

When the marriage of an Alberta couple comes to an end, certain matters related to property division can give rise to disputes and contention. Under family law, treatment of the matrimonial home in which the spouses lived is not the same as other assets. Regardless of whose funds went toward the down payment and mortgage, once it has served as the family home, both spouses are regarded as equal owners of it.

Family law: How can Skype and FaceTime benefit divorced families?

When parents in Alberta and elsewhere end their marriages, one of the biggest concerns for the parents who will leave the matrimonial home might be losing contact with the children. However, modern technology provides an answer with the availability of Skype, FaceTime and more. To help professionals in the mental health and family law fields understand the role these Internet programs can play in the post-divorce lives of parents, a social work professor in another state is conducting a study.

Where does postnuptial agreements fit into Alberta family law?

Prenuptial agreements have become more acceptable, and some Alberta residents who never signed marriage agreements before they got married may have questions about the potential advantages of postnuptial agreements. What are postnups and why would married couples sign them? Also, are they valid under the family law of Alberta?

A family law nightmare: Man pays more in support than he earns

A good plan is to hope for the best and plan for the worst. Worst-case scenarios do not always happen in family law cases in Alberta. When they do, however, they provide a painful example of how far wrong a situation can go, and show why one should always do everything one can to achieve the best possible result. A man in another province now regrets his decision to represent himself in court after a judge awarded more support to his ex-wife and child than the man earns each month.

Older couples increasingly require family law assistance

Despite the apparent stability of older people relative to their younger counterparts, baby boomers are responsible for a surprising statistic: men and women over the age of 50 are getting divorced more than ever. The phenomenon, known as 'grey divorce,' is relatively unprecedented. Anyone who is or who is about to experience this first-hand may appreciate a little more information about Alberta family law.

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