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Conference answers common questions about employment and cannabis

The impending legalization of marijuana has raised a number of questions for people across the country. A recent conference in Alberta, 'Cannabis at Work,' broached the topic for employers seeking more information on the subject. Employers say the drug is being used by an increasing number of employees for medical reasons. They also have questions about the implications of legalization and how the drug may affect employment issues such as worker safety and productivity.

Class action suits raise employment questions about CHL players

Athletes are often considered to be among the highest earning people in society, with powerful unions and managers helping them broker multi-million dollar contracts. However, compensation and employment law can be a major issue in semi-professional leagues. Recent class action suits against the WHL and OHL in Alberta and Ontario have brought this issue to the attention of Canadian hockey fans, and the lawsuit of the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) has furthered the discussion on this issue.

Mounties commander files employment discrimination claim

Leaving any job after many years of service will never be easy, especially if the circumstances of the termination leave a bitter taste. A former Royal Canadian Mounted Police commander of the Alberta detachment recently filed a claim against the police force, alleging discrimination linked to her gender and her mental health issues. She was in the employment of the police force for 24 years.

What can a victim of employment bullying do?

According to the Canada Safety Council, one in six people nationwide, including in Alberta, have been the victim of bullies in the workplace. Bullying involves the repeated negative behaviour of one person toward another in the workplace. The harm caused by employment bullying is typically more psychological than physical. It usually takes on a verbal form and is often well-disguised and difficult to recognise.

Cop's employment battle finally over after 13 months of testimony

Some battles are over quickly, and some are waged over long periods of time. Court battles over employment issues, whether fought here in Alberta or elsewhere, can sometimes take the latter route. This proved true for an RCMP officer who took his employer to court over harassment he claimed to be dealing with at work. In the end, his patience was rewarded.

Woman who lost employment over a sandwich sues former boss

Not every case of wrongful dismissal involves high-ranking executives or boat-rocking whistleblowers. Sometimes an everyday worker finds him or herself caught in an unfair situation, and that person has just as much right to justice as anyone else. That's certainly what one woman thought after losing her employment at a fast food restaurant in Alberta's neighbouring province.

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