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November 2017 Archives

Squatter ordered to move from driveway of rental real estate

From laws concerning property to those governing employment and business matters, landlords often have a variety of legal concerns and questions. This is especially true when something goes wrong with a tenant living in rented home or apartment. An Alberta landlord recently won a court battle involving a real estate dispute with a squatter who was living in a shack on his driveway after a break-up with a former tenant.

Longer lifespans should be considered in estate planning

Recent statistics show that people in Canada are living longer. This reality has changed how wealthy Alberta residents prepare for retirement or consider estate planning. Many continue to have an active life of travel and socializing well into their 80s, which may mean major financial adjustments. Others may plan to be active longer than their bodies allow. How can plans adjust to these unforeseen circumstances?

New real estate law seeks to protect condominium buyers

Purchasing a home can be challenging for anyone, but condominiums come with a unique set of considerations and concerns. Many Alberta residents who consider purchasing a condo are caught off guard by issues such as occupancy dates, rising condo fees and deposits. Real estate regulators in Alberta are seeking to clarify these issues with new rules designed to protect people buying new and converted condominiums.

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