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October 2017 Archives

Alberta to institute changes to economic immigration program

Policies regarding immigration are influenced a great deal by the labour needs and economic status of a province. In Alberta, the economic immigration program called the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) is being simplified to allow for increased efficiency to better serve Alberta's growing economy. The goal of this simplification is to allow employers and workers an easier path through the provincial system in response to increasing labour market needs.

Business gets warning on trademark use from Edmonton Oilers

Restaurant and bar owners have a number of federal, provincial and local laws to consider in their operations. Among these is a requirement that they adhere to certain trademark laws when using special events or sports teams to promote their business. A recent dispute with the legal arm of the Edmonton Oilers left one Alberta bar owner without the ability to use the National Hockey League team in any promotions.

Conference answers common questions about employment and cannabis

The impending legalization of marijuana has raised a number of questions for people across the country. A recent conference in Alberta, 'Cannabis at Work,' broached the topic for employers seeking more information on the subject. Employers say the drug is being used by an increasing number of employees for medical reasons. They also have questions about the implications of legalization and how the drug may affect employment issues such as worker safety and productivity.

Part Two: Legal Tips For Buying Real Estate In The United States

There are many misconceptions about how the IRS taxes foreign-owned property when is is transferred as part of an estate. Alberta residents who own or are considering purchasing real estate south of the border should educate themselves about how the laws apply to them. Taxation and will preparation are two of the most common challenges people face in when estate planning with real estate in the United States.

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