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September 2017 Archives

Part one: Legal tips for buying real estate in the United States

Many Canadians purchase vacation homes in the United States. Alberta individuals who own or are considering buying real estate south of the border should know what tax and estate planning implications are involved with such a purchase. This two-part series will describe what Canadians should know about owning property in the United States.

Lawmakers now limited in use of taxpayer-subsidized real estate

Those holding political office sometimes receive subsidized housing as part of their compensation package. Controversy recently emerged when a Member of the Legislative Assembly in Alberta rented out his taxpayer-subsidized apartment on Airbnb. Alberta lawmakers have approved a motion that would limit how lawmakers can use subsidized real estate in the future.

Business and consumer interests discuss consumer protection laws

Most people want businesses and consumers to be protected from fraud under the law. In Alberta, the government is seeking feedback on changes to consumer protection laws in the province. Albertans can offer their opinion on fifteen consumer protection topics through an online survey, including door-to-door sales, warranties, debt collection and truth in pricing. Public information sessions will also be held to better understand business interests and consumer concerns.

Class action suits raise employment questions about CHL players

Athletes are often considered to be among the highest earning people in society, with powerful unions and managers helping them broker multi-million dollar contracts. However, compensation and employment law can be a major issue in semi-professional leagues. Recent class action suits against the WHL and OHL in Alberta and Ontario have brought this issue to the attention of Canadian hockey fans, and the lawsuit of the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) has furthered the discussion on this issue.

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