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August 2017 Archives

Edmonton considers new "sanctuary city" immigration policy

The issue of undocumented immigrants is controversial across Canada. In Alberta, immigration without proper permits can lead to a challenge accessing city services. City councillors in Edmonton have decided to take a closer look at the issue, discussing how the city should best serve its current residents as well as those seeking sanctuary.

Controversial new business tax laws being discussed by government

The Canadian government is considering changes that may have legal and taxation consequences for those who own their own businesses. As with any new policy, understanding the proposed changes and their implications is important for employers across Alberta. There are three changes currently being consulted by the Canadian government, all of which will have implications for small and large business owners alike.

Alberta town using real estate laws to crack down on AirBnb hosts

There is no question that the internet has changed the face of many industries. Among others, the new online service AirBnb has been at the centre of many conversations about the future of hospitality and real estate. In Canmore, Alberta, illegal vacation rentals are being targeted by the municipality under their Land Use Bylaw.

Child care, social media affect immigration and Syrian refugees

The topic of Syrian refugees was one of the top news stories of 2015. Their arrival in Alberta and across Canada sparked conversations on immigration in Canada, particularly for those seeking asylum. Following up on refugees' progress in cities is important for Canadians who wish to better understand the impact of these policies.

Mounties commander files employment discrimination claim

Leaving any job after many years of service will never be easy, especially if the circumstances of the termination leave a bitter taste. A former Royal Canadian Mounted Police commander of the Alberta detachment recently filed a claim against the police force, alleging discrimination linked to her gender and her mental health issues. She was in the employment of the police force for 24 years.

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