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July 2017 Archives

Fatal personal injury kills biker when car fails to yield

Motorcyclists in Alberta will always be vulnerable on the busy city roads. When motorcycle riders are involved in crashes with automobiles, chances of survival are slim, and those who survive typically suffer serious personal injury. Even those who wear protective clothing and helmets do not have the protection of safety belts, air bags or the bodies of vehicles to protect them.

Family law issues about the matrimonial home

When the marriage of an Alberta couple comes to an end, certain matters related to property division can give rise to disputes and contention. Under family law, treatment of the matrimonial home in which the spouses lived is not the same as other assets. Regardless of whose funds went toward the down payment and mortgage, once it has served as the family home, both spouses are regarded as equal owners of it.

Family law: How can Skype and FaceTime benefit divorced families?

When parents in Alberta and elsewhere end their marriages, one of the biggest concerns for the parents who will leave the matrimonial home might be losing contact with the children. However, modern technology provides an answer with the availability of Skype, FaceTime and more. To help professionals in the mental health and family law fields understand the role these Internet programs can play in the post-divorce lives of parents, a social work professor in another state is conducting a study.

Estate planning is for old and young, rich and poor

Some residents of Alberta may share in the common misconceptions that exist with relation to the planning of an estate. The biggest mistake people make is to think that they are much too young even to consider getting started -- believing it is something to deal with around retirement age. Another fallacy is that estate planning deals only with issues that arise after a person's death while the truth is that it can be extremely valuable even during life -- regardless of a person's level of wealth.

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