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May 2017 Archives

Despite thorough estate planning, one heir can upset everything

The truth is, once a person has passed on, he or she no longer has any control over his or her estate. For that reason, many people in Alberta put considerable effort into estate planning. Unfortunately, it takes just one disappointed heir to potentially upset the works, as is the case with a Hollywood widow who feels she deserves more than her allotted share.

Foreign buyers may soon be looking closely at Calgary real estate

They say that one man's trash is another man's treasure. Certainly, it is often shown to be true that what's unwanted by one is coveted by another, and real estate is no exception. While foreign buyers are taking some of the blame for the inflated markets in other cities, some industry insiders believe they are exactly what Calgary needs right now.

Real estate developer makes something new out of something old

Reduce, reuse, recycle is the mantra for environmental responsibility in homes across Alberta. Most people conscientiously separate their recyclables from their garbage, turn the lights off when they're not needed and maybe even get crafty with an old skid. A property developer is taking it to a new level, however, on a construction project in Edmonton, where an innovative spin is being put on a new piece of residential real estate.

Complex estate planning may require a professional's touch

As people live their lives, if they are fortunate, they will meet people who become important to them. Some people may wish to leave a gift for these special individuals after they pass away. However, if there is some level of secrecy to the relationship, an open bequest may not be suitable. The question then becomes, can a person in Alberta bequeath assets secretly as part of his or her estate planning? The answers are as complicated as the situations they cover.

Part of estate planning is choosing the right executor

Every good ship needs a skilled captain; every expedition needs a knowledgeable guide. Moreover, every will needs a capable executor. In order to be effective, a will must be carefully thought out and put together, but all the best estate planning could go out the window if the executor is not able to administer the estate. Here are some tips for choosing an executor in Alberta.

A family law nightmare: Man pays more in support than he earns

A good plan is to hope for the best and plan for the worst. Worst-case scenarios do not always happen in family law cases in Alberta. When they do, however, they provide a painful example of how far wrong a situation can go, and show why one should always do everything one can to achieve the best possible result. A man in another province now regrets his decision to represent himself in court after a judge awarded more support to his ex-wife and child than the man earns each month.

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