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March 2017 Archives

Older couples increasingly require family law assistance

Despite the apparent stability of older people relative to their younger counterparts, baby boomers are responsible for a surprising statistic: men and women over the age of 50 are getting divorced more than ever. The phenomenon, known as 'grey divorce,' is relatively unprecedented. Anyone who is or who is about to experience this first-hand may appreciate a little more information about Alberta family law.

A personal injury can cause a family to struggle

After a person suffers critical injuries inflicted by a vehicle, the prognosis may be bad. Indeed, it is rare to find a personal injury story with a happy ending. Remarkably, in the case of a young Alberta boy, that's exactly what happened. The rest of the tale, however, illustrates the devastating impact a car can have on a body.

Alleged drunk driver inflicts personal injury: 3 women hurt

There really is no excuse for impaired driving in 2017. Anti-drunk driving campaigns have been in place for decades. Driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol is socially unacceptable, and seasonal police blitzes hammer home the point several times a year. Unfortunately, there are still those who insist on making the choice to drink and drive. Sadly, these drivers often cause serious personal injury to innocent motorists, as recently happened in Calgary.

Cop's employment battle finally over after 13 months of testimony

Some battles are over quickly, and some are waged over long periods of time. Court battles over employment issues, whether fought here in Alberta or elsewhere, can sometimes take the latter route. This proved true for an RCMP officer who took his employer to court over harassment he claimed to be dealing with at work. In the end, his patience was rewarded.

Woman who lost employment over a sandwich sues former boss

Not every case of wrongful dismissal involves high-ranking executives or boat-rocking whistleblowers. Sometimes an everyday worker finds him or herself caught in an unfair situation, and that person has just as much right to justice as anyone else. That's certainly what one woman thought after losing her employment at a fast food restaurant in Alberta's neighbouring province.

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