Alberta Support Claims and Child Custody and Access

Your Support Claim (Married and Unmarried Couples) in Alberta

Support claims are a crucial part of a divorce settlement. Without a well-defined support claim, you may be left with financial difficulties. Our skilled family lawyers can offer you advice on spousal or common-law partner support. We will negotiate on your behalf tactfully for a more stable financial future. We can address factors such as how much support you may get and for how long.

For married couples, unlike child support, spousal support varies and is not regulated by the government. If married, the Divorce Act governs who may and may not apply for spousal support. Contact one of our friendly family lawyers for an in-depth analysis of your case.

For unmarried couples, a claim can be brought under the Family Law Act and the Common Law.

Your Child's Support Claim in Alberta

Both parents have a financial obligation towards their child. Child support payments are based on the residence of the child and means of the parents. Our negotiation strategy is based on the child's rights and needs. Our results-driven approach has helped many families find mutually acceptable and practical methods of raising their children together following divorce or separation.

Ending a marriage does not mean a child's relationship has ended with either parent. Instead, we ensure that the best interest of the child is considered when moving forward with your family law matter. The courts will favour the parent who is practical and reasonable in his or her negotiation and mediation approach. We can also clarify and determine the amount of child support your child is entitled to receive from either parent in Alberta.

Child Custody and Access Issues in Alberta

Child custody deals with issues such as with whom the child will live and who is entitled to make the primary decisions in the child's life. Alberta courts normally grant joint custody with a parenting plan in place but there are exceptions to this. We can help you with custody determinations based on the best interest of your child.

Split, joint or sole custody may be granted where there are serious concerns about one parent's relationship with the child. These are rare and the courts are reluctant to grant such arrangements. We are competent and skilled to bring such applications on your behalf, based on the facts of your case.

Contact For Your Support, Custody And Access Claims In Calgary

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